An itch to stitch!

Bonjour, Bel’ bonjou’!

I was minding my own business one evening, chilling for once, and suddenly I felt it.

Just like that I had….

…An itch to stitch!

I had to make something but didn’t want to tackle any of the big projects I have in the pipeline. It was just a case of sudden envy to satisfy. It had to be quick and practical, as long as I cut, stitch and  could hear my machine purr. A quickie if you like

A 2 hours top, a 3 hours skirt to go to work the next day? With a pattern? Without? Would 45mins of an obi belt satisfy me!? With what fabric? and thread?? and trim??? Argh!


I found a hand dyed style fabric remnant.

Bought in Paris, it lives as a summer dress for Paola in Italy

I did cut this!

The pattern is my own

The pins looks like daggers in hearts but fear not, it was pinned with love





1 hour, 2 lemon and ginger teas later and …

I did end up with this!

Makes a pretty wall decor for my sewing station, in my favorite colours

I went to bed happy!

What did you make to sooth an itch to stitch?

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