There is a new colour in town!

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Bonjour, Bel Bonjou’!


As a colour lover I am excited!! The world is getting even more colourful as it welcomes a newcomer to the scene. Happy days!

Imagine what that means for us textile and colour addict? More candy for the eyes, more fabric prints?

It was an accidental find, in Oregon (US), a mix of mixed manganese oxide with other chemicals

It’s vividly blue pigment, named “YInMn Blue”
It’s “durable, safe and fairly easy to produce”.

Here is its identification, Use it wisely! 😉
Formula: YIn1-xMnxO3
Crystal: System Hexagonal
Crystal Symmetry: P63cm
Unit Cell: a = 6.24 Å; c = 12.05 Å
Color: Light to dark blue

For a long time I only wore any shades of blue, specially as a Girl Guide Leader. Now my blues are definitely punchier  and more grown up and this YInMn Blue” is definitely « me ».



Image via Wikipedia / Oregon State

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