My Sewing Bee final outfit

Bonjour! Bel bonjou’!

So there you have it. Your 2016 Sewing Bee winner is Charlotte! Congratulations darling!

Charlotte was a funny and witty character and very skillful. Giving her a hug was heaven because her hair always smelled nice and were ever so soft. I am really pleased for her and her family.

The final was emotional for all of us and we all shed tears, reminiscing over the experience we lived.

I had a few questions and comments about my outfit that day.
I am reporting here a few of those questions with their answers:

  • Did you make that? Yes. I think most of us wore something we made to film the final. Some were just hot off the sewing machine at home, that same afternoon!
  • You like pleats don’t you? (I had them in my alteration and made-to-measure challenges on week 1) Yes I do. A well pleated skirt is more flattering that a gathered skirt in my opinion. In Martinique we like the bum lift a pleat gives you. No need for plastic surgery to get a J-Lo rear end. I agree, however, it is a little trickier at the front.
  • You like pattern matching? I find pattern matching an enjoyable challenge, like a puzzle. Completing a successful match puts a huge smile on my face and gives me a sense of accomplishment before the garment is finished and pushes me to finish the rest of it to a high standard.
  • Do you like pink? I don’t actually but I like it combined with other colours. I find it is a great combination with grey, silver, green, red, orange, certain shades of blue. Not a big fan of black and pink. What pink combination do you have for me?

What pink combination do you have for me? There is a giveaway in it so pick wisely!

I am giving away 1 m and 1 x 0.50m, total of 1m50 of the fabric of my Sewing Bee final outfit. The best pink combination in the comment section wins it.

ghislaine-gazon-sewingbeefinaloutfit 1_1


9 Commentaires

  1. Tracey

    I don’t like pink on its own- asachild I was given a pink jumper which I wore a lot as we didn’t have many clothes, the result being I got more pink as everyone thought I like pink and I looked like a boy so they thought pink would help with that error!

    • Ghislaine

      I know what you mean Tracey! I don’t like pink on its own. I have a blog post to come soon on the pink theory and the gender stereotype. Watch out for that. It looks like you had a pink overdose as a child. I bet you don’t wear any pink now. There is always purple, the grown up alternative to pink 😉

  2. Gema

    Gorgeous dress Ghislaine! Such a tropical sorbet! I don’t have a pink combination to share with you…but had to tell you I love that dress 🙂
    And I was emotional watching the final – what a lovely bunch of people you all are x

    • Ghislaine

      Thanks Gema! Like a sorbet yes, it’s a gorgeous fabric. I had the best time on the Bee and made fantastic friends. I was an emotional wreck watching the final…It’s « over » but still in our heart

  3. Rachel

    Pink elephants and lemonade! Loved your dress 🙂

    • Ghislaine

      Thank you Rachel! This dress was a version of a high street dress I bought years ago. I deconstructed it to reconstruct it in many other versions.
      Pink elephants are cute as a button.

  4. Agota Balint

    I love pink with grey!

    • Ghislaine

      That’s a cool combination! I like it! My first made to measure outfit on the Sewing Bee was fuchsia and grey

  5. Rachel

    I love pink with everything particularly bright fuschia pink 🙂 I love it with a clashing colour like bright blue or lime green. That’s just my taste though 😉
    Rachel x


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