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The Great British Sewing Bee

Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith and seek the frill of an experience…   

for your growth, to venture out of your comfort zone

This is what I did in 2015 when I sent my application to “The Great British Sewing Bee” of 2016, series 4.

From phone calls to auditions, I progressed through all the stages until January 14th 2016 when the verdict came. I was one of the 10 contestants on the show!!

My leap of faith paid off.

Of course being ranked #1 for my boxer’s outfit is high on the scale of amazingness. I don’t think I ever felt prouder to be acknowledged in this way. My coral satin and chiffon bridesmaids did well as a cute little unisex fighter outfit.

It is also where fabric choices and behaviours came to the fore front of my creative mind. I had big ideas for my chevron top in episode 1 but my fabric choice led to the first drama of the series.

I feel blessed for the lessons learnt, discoveries and progressed made and encourage anyone to try a life changing experience, whatever the field. 

My challenges and my wins

And sew it comes to an end

Bonjour, Bel Bonjour, I cannot believe it has come to an end! In a few hours The 2016 Great British Sewing Bee will have a winner. As much as it is a final, it’s not the end, non bien-sur!. True, the sewing room won’t exist anymore, all the donut towers would have...

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I am a sewing Bee

This is the first time ever that I can publicly say that “I am a contestant on series 4 of “The Great British Sewing Bee”!! I initially completed the application form just to see how I fared against the questions, to see if I had enough material to complete it. What...

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Underwear stitching and body confidence

Bel’ bonjou’! So today I’ll talk about underwear and sewing. Not stitching underwear but more about sewing in your underwear… A few tips and benefits for doing this: Make sure the garment is for you, nobody else. Otherwise is a tad weird and unhygienic Make sure you...

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