Event: Textile & Senses

A Fashion Show to Celebrate Success & Achievements

On October, 15th 2016 I presented a ladies, limited-edition fashion collection. Commissioned to celebrate “Success and Achievement” in the context of Black History Month, the focus is on textiles, with the purple as a common thread throughout the collection. Historically, purple was a very rare colour in the dying textile industry. Its rarity in clothing made it the privilege of the noble, wealthy and successful.

The collection

My garments range from casual to chic and formal with an elegant flair. The aim of the collection is to inspire you to be bolder in your textile and colour choices, and in your prints for the various occasions in your life as a stylish woman. In my opinion, textiles can be not only be viewed, but also breathed, heard and be symbolic The result is “Textile and Senses”

The designs

Textile Sense: Safe, strong, warrior
Look: Curve enhancer pencil dress. Elegant and ethnic

Textile sense: Mood evolution, weightless and enchanting
Look: Bridesmaid inspiration, ball gown

Textile Sense: Pride
Look: Casual African Queen

Textile Sense: Chic, crisp and sharp
Look: Smart and modern. A woman in charge with style

Textile Sense: Rough but soft, fierce and delicate.
Look: Glamourous rock chick

Textile Sense: Cheekiness and joy
Look: Cheeky and playful summer

Textile Sense: “May be that’s how clouds feel….” and whimsical elegance
Look: Alternative romantic and daring bride
Origami bouquet courtesy of Sesames Origami, website: Origami Sesames

Partners on this project

Duncan Carter

Duncan Carter


Website Duncan Carter

Stephanie Africa

Stephanie Africa

Digital Marketing and webdesign

Website Likeapro.marketing

Florise Largen

Florise Largen

Make-up Artist

Sony Philomin

Sony Philomin


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