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Bel Bonjou!

Bonjour, I know I am a rare breed, but winter sewing doesn't excite me, never has, but when Wow Fabrics offered to gift me this print, my eyes popped out of my sockets and I got giddy. It took me longer than expected to finish it because life got in the way. So much...

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Inspired by Guyana

    Bonjour! Talented Jazz Singer Lauren Dalrymple hosted an International jazz party in August 2016 at the Effra Tavern in August 2016 She wanted to wear her country flag and I created this top with the Guyana flag, with exact colour proportions, a showbiz flare to...

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London College of Fashion Blog

Bonjour everyone! Feeling privileged and humbled to feature in the London College of Fashion blog. We're talking post Great British Sewing Bee,my Fabrics and Fibres course, chocolate muffin  and what's next for me.  Read it here Are you thinking of taking a course...

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Meet Dalila, Sew Princess

Bonjour everyone, Meet Dalila, a clever little girl with a story to tell and a sewing talent to share. We met and got acquainted over our common passion but also common origins through her mother, Martinique, my home island. Here is her story.... London based Dalila...

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My LCF Course

Bonjour everyone!! I am beyond excited!!! Today, May 8th, I am at London College of Fashion for a course on "Understanding Fabrics and fibres" A course I always wanted to take. Learning and upping my skills I love touching, playing and creating with fabrics. My...

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A mid-season make

Bonjour everyone! I live for the Spring/Summer season,  like a designer stuck on one season, on a loop 🙂 so since around March I have been getting excited about the prospect of bare legs, flowers and lighter fabrics. I have started my season with something in...

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Beverly Hills 90210

Bonjour!! Is there a garment in your life or in your imagination you can't get out of your head? Mine is from the TV Series Beverly Hill 90210,  The Spring Dance episode where  Brenda (Shannen Doherty) is wearing a black and white dress to go to prom with Dylan (Luke...

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2019 Colour of the year

Bonjour to you! Pantone has announced the colour of the year and it's goodbye Ultra Violet, hello Living Coral, otherwise known as 16-1546 "An animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge" "Living Coral...

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Prints pick and mix

Bonjour, Hello, This month I have gone high, wide and mixed. High wasted in a wide leg trousers and I have mixed my prints. Mixing prints can be intimidating. I have had ideas in the past, never made it happen.  These two, pin stripes and geometric  were obvious and...

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Quick Sew Vs Slow sew

Bonjour to you! Last Saturday, 6 October was my most chilled Saturday in a long time. I went to Brixton for a Caribbean food fix: avocados, plantains, okras and finished my morning at Simply Fabrics. I didn't need anything but hadn't paid them a visit in a long time....

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Gigi et les dinos

Bonjour!! 24 May 2016, my disaster of a babygrow was shown on live TV for all to see. Not a high point in my life, but one that helped me grow. It's The Great British Sewing Bee, under pressure, someone had to mess up and the babygrow and its gusset was laid out to do...

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Bonjour, Its always difficult for me to blow my own trumpet and trust my own hype but this time I will, fanfare and all! I am super proud of this super stylish and clever look. I am a huge pop art fan Lichtenstein, Andy Wahrol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, David Hockney and...

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Keeping cool in long sleeves

Bonjour! 2018, a summer to remember! How do you keep cool in the heat, what summer dress do you rock? My summer wardrobe can be resumed in one garment this year: long sleeves tulip print shirt. I.am.wearing.it.to.death! Yes I hate winter for the layers but hear me out...

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We are all artists

Bonjour! Facebook reminded me today of an article I shared 3 years ago. The article is an interview of Will Gompertz, BBC Arts Editor by Katie Law, Deputy Literary Editor at The Evening Standard Will Gompertz talks about creativity, the power of imagination,...

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2 little birds blouse

  Bonjour!! Have you ever found the perfect fabric, only to get caught between two beautiful shades? Difficult hey! I have been there with the fabric featured here and would you believe that I, initially,  forced myself to pick one. Here is the story of the 2 little...

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We all inspire someone

Bonjour a tous!!! Hello to all!!! It's been a while since I have tinkled the keyboard. I took a break, I had loads to think about... I am back now but while away I have passed the baton to someone else for my return to blogging. ...Introducing Eleanor Leech. I "met"...

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