My Amelia jacket in Wow Fabrics velvet


I know I am a rare breed, but winter sewing doesn’t excite me, never has, but when Wow Fabrics offered to gift me this print, my eyes popped out of my sockets and I got giddy.

It took me longer than expected to finish it because life got in the way. So much so that I finished it on an actual white sandy beach in the Caribbean around Christmas. That must have looked so out of season!

Anyway, that fabric!!!!

I fell in love with the print and Wow Fabrics was kind to gift it to me on any fabric I wanted. That’s what they do: print on, pretty much, any fabric.

I choose velvet because I thought the colours, would enhance the shine and vice versa. It is so rich and sophisticated.

Here it is   You can have it on chiffon, on ponte, lycra, etc.

Delivery was quick, considering they had to print it.

It was my first time working with velvet and i learn very quickly to pin, pin and pin some more, in two directions because it slips and slides.

What I made with it

I choose to make the Amelia Jacket from Sew Over It  with it.  Velvet was definitely not stated as a fabric recommendation so I had to get it right hence the pinning and double pinning.  I was quoting the snail scene in Pretty Woman, emember it?! every 5 mins.

For the lining I considered an orange or rose gold but it actually looked very dull so I choose the colour pop of teal instead. It’s a cotton sateen bought in Goldhawk road.

And let me tell you…..My Amelia jacket is the warmest, cosiest thing in my wardrobe. Bonus point for being stylish right!!?


It is something I could wear a multitude of ways: Casual, street, glamorous.  Can’t wait to experiment.

Thank you Wow Fabrics for a fabulous print, fabric and service.



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