Sew Princess-like

Bonjour everyone,

Meet Dalila, a clever little girl with a story to tell and a sewing talent to share.

We met and got acquainted over our common passion but also common origins through her mother, Martinique, my home island.

Here is her story….

London based Dalila aged 7 sewing interest sets to turn her dream princess-job into reality Dalila aged 7 was delighted to become a finalist in the junior category of the U.K. Natural Beauty Pageant 2019, taking place in Chester Town Hall, 23rd June 2019. This is the ideal platform to focus on her abilities rather than her looks. It is an event based on beauty within. In fact to win the pageant charity work and fundraising are key. After discovering ways of using her sewing interests as part of charitable work a few sewing projects came to life. One focused on dresses for girls in need attracting nearly 300 likes overnight on the official page of dress a girl around the world. Another was to make bounding hearts used for babies born too early in U.K. hospitals. Her favourite was making dolls dresses for the Samaritan box appeal charity recycling fabric. Being part of this pageant has enabled Dalila to explore other causes and she took part in the Fashion Revolution campaign via Twitter, openly and directly asking to fashion brands WHO made her clothes whilst wearing the brand clothes inside out with the label at the front discovering that charity work and campaigning for good causes can be lot of fun. Dalila’s charity work is ‘sew’ princess-like that she might just win an award or even the title in the junior category on the 23rd of June for all her hard work and be crowned like a princess. If so she would then go on to compete to Spain at the International pageant representing England. We wish her best of luck with her charity work and her future plans.

I am behind Dalila, wishing her sew princess-like dream to come to life. I am supporting her by designing and making her pageant dress for June 23rd, Uk Natural Beauty Junior. Very exciting project!


Ways you can support Dalila:

Thank you, merci!



  1. Monika

    What an inspiration at such young age…plus she is absolutely gorgeous. Good luck in June xxx

    • GhislaineGazon

      Thanks Monika. I will make sure she has your message.


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