Mid-season make

Hooded Tshirt and pleather skirt
Bonjour everyone!

I live for the Spring/Summer season,  like a designer stuck on one season, on a loop 🙂 so since around March I have been getting excited about the prospect of bare legs, flowers and lighter fabrics.

I have started my season with something in between: A pleather skirt and hooded t-shirt.

Hooded tshirt

I was in Paris in March and went fabric shopping as we all do wherever we travel, right?

I found a grey jersey at Tissus Reine which I fell in love with. Grey is not bright enough for me but I cannot resist shiny things so the silver feathers swayed me. It is a super light and four way stretch.

I bought just enough to make a t-shirt but back in London, I ended up making a hooded tshirt, a hack from the Stella hoodie from the  Tilly and the Buttons. book

In fairness I wasn’t set on hacking in the first place. I was happy to self draft and  was looking to add a few details and features. I thought of a kangaroo pocket, which reminded me of Stella and it spiraled out from there. I was lucky that I had enough for the hood.

Turning Stella into a tshirt was quite easy. I cut the bodice with a T shape extension at the shoulder plus a turn-up.

The length of the Tshirt was tricky. I didn’t have quite enough to make it long to tuck in but I figured that it would work if I added a drawstring at the bottom.  Extra sporty feature! I used the same technique as making the drawstring of the hood: Interfacing for the button hole and casing.

For  the lining of the hood I briefly considered red but nah!! I wanted to keep it casual/cool/sporty and black seemed like the one option. In insight a blue or green could have worked too.

Done in 2 hours.  It qualifies as a super quick but effective make.

Pleather Skirt

My tshirt is versatile to wear but my brain went overdrive from there and I decided to create a whole sporty and fierce look. Cue the pleather skirt…

I used my favorite skirt pattern: SImplicity 1321. Another super quick make I have done in multiple styles, and many times over.

The pleather is a large remnant from my stash from a couple of obi belts I made for friends.

As per the recommendations with sewing such material I used

  • leather needles
  • polyester thread
  • slightly larger stitch length


The look doesn’t require much styling and accessories.

Top and skirt are enough on their own to spell out a vibe so I kept it cool and made it fierce with my white ankle boots from ASOS from last year.

Nail polish is my favorite handmade artisan nail polish, 10 toxic free and vegan by Prism

Photos are by Akira Makino…

A super cool guy I was introduced to, who I know is set to become a firm friend. He is a “Photographer of People”. He was a lot of fun to work with and my goodness, is super talented and professional. I had the best time taking those photos with him.

Akira is looking for opportunities to build up a UK portfolio and has asked me to mention that he is available should you need to have your photo taken. In the 3 years I have doing what I do and from starting out as awkward in front of the camera, Akira has been, in one session, a game changer for me in how comfortable I am.

Shot in Crystal Palace Park. Enjoy the photos.

My new tshirt is my new uniform. I wear, wash, wear. Perfect for the weather with a vest underneath and a light jacket. Also goes with skirts, jeans, trousers, trainers and heels, is casual and can be made smart. The versatility is insane.

What is the one item in your wardrobe with huge versatility potential and where are you at with your summer wardrobe plan?

Next time, I’ll share my first summer dress of the season made in quilting fabric.

A bientôt!