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A few months ago, I was contacted by  Katia Fabrics to work with their fabrics for a Christmas/seasonal challenge 

Katia Fabrics are based is Barcelona, Spain and have beautiful fabrics, yarns and sewing patterns and trade in 6 different languages. French, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch,  and of course English.

I’d say a lot (but not all) of their fabrics are geared towards kids garments but surprise, surprise, being a selfish sewer and always keen to experiment, I decided to sew for myself. Can a kiddies fabric work for an adult?

The fabric

I picked their prehistoric landscape sweat fabric and toughen it up by making a hoodie.  I choose to make the  Stella hoodie by Tilly and the buttons Stretch book.

I take fabric choices very seriously from a behaviour point of view, of course, as well as an overall look idea and  cannot praise that sweat fabric  enough. I was right to keep it for myself! eheh!

Receiving my package at work felt like Christmas. Gorgeously soft and plush, cute and fun colours. It definitely brought a smile to my face. I remember going round all my colleagues, cheekily asking them if they wanted to stroke something soft. That got a smile out of everyone.

 Composition: is 95% Cotton – 5% Elastane. It is described as a “Sweat fabric with a warm and soft plush interior. Ideal for sweatshirts and warm garments. Amusing geometric print”

So, SO satisfying to work with. It rolls a little, like most jersey, I pre-washed it because I really wanted to feel safe and not ruined it but nothing changed. 


Stella hoodie

With all the babygrow experience I have, Stella was super quick and easy to make!! A project to easily knock up in just under 2 hours (not including cutting time)

Tilly’s instructions are super simple for a non English native, it’s clear and well explained as usual. I read the instructions once and cracked on with it, no hiccups whatsover.

My favorite part was making the hoodie and the cord casing because it was new to me. Seeing a piece of flat fabric turning 3D is fascinating.

The liniing of the hoodie is from Saheed Fabrics in Walthamstow London. They have an extraordinary range of jersey:and ribbings in all the colours of the rainbow. I think I may have bought them all already. I went for a petrol blue for the lining. 

The cord was a happy find.. I was looking for blue but this dip dyed combination was perfect. Also found in Walthamstow, in the market. It has all the colours of the print!

Dip dyed a cotton cord (nylon won’t work) is a good idea actually, to match to what you want. 


The colours of the print are of a playful palette, lively, exuberant and an invitation to play. It bring a smile and is recognisable by both kids and grown ups who are young at heart (like me!). It is fun print. 

  • the dominant colour is off white or even beige as a background
  • the subordinates are yellow and mustard
  • the accents are greens and blues

For the accessories i picked something for each one of the colour print

Coral: Nail polish is from HEMA

Lime green: Ring is from Pylones, my new favorite thing in the world., along with my hoodie 🙂   

Yellow and brown: Boots are from TJ-Maxx and  Handbag by Marks and Spencer which are the two grown up elements.

I absolutely love my hoodie. I shoot the photos on December 9th. It was cold but I was warm..

It’s a great cosy garment for indoors but it’s way too cute  not show off and pretend to be tough in hoodie but be sweet in colours.

Captured in Bushy Park TW12, UK, By Mustafa Salim

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