"Quick Sew vs Slow Sew"

Last of the summer dress

Bonjour to you!

Last Saturday, 6 October was my most chilled Saturday in a long time. I went to Brixton for a Caribbean food fix: avocados, plantains, okras and finished my morning at Simply Fabrics.

I didn’t need anything but hadn’t paid them a visit in a long time. I fell in love with a fabric more suited to summer than autumn/winter.

I try not to fabric stash because I don’t have the storage space and I feel guilty of over consumption. If I wanted to make something out of it it would be now, when the weather was still pleasant enough.

At the start of my sewing journey I was quick sewing, all.the.time! It was the overwhelming excitement of having something new to wear for every occasion, the endless possibilities. But I realised in the last two years that this is not sustainable, and enjoyable, it is exhausting and it does reproduce (for me) the fast fashion format of the high street.

It was also detrimental to building and improving my skills and techniques. Rushing means that I only did what I already knew well. So now I reversed it and I enjoy the slow sew. At a slower paste I take my time with a garment, from cutting in batch, sewing gradually, when I have time, enjoying every steps of a sew and learning and perfecting along the way. It can take me a month to finish something now, unless it’s a babygrow…

The Fabric

A cotton, chambray type, with a geometrical print in icy blue, reversible (White on blue, blue on white) ———-> Click the gallery

  • Reversible prints offer plenty of opportunities for design details.
  • The geometrical print reminded me of the Claire dress I did last year
  • The blue fits the month of October for crystals. Opal. Opal is the birth stone or those born in October. Is that you?

The dress

For me a quick sew is self-drafted (no pattern to lay out), with the basic shapes we can all cut our eyes closed, with basic measurements:

  • A t-shape bodice, loose
  • A circle skirt

To keep it even more basic I decided on an handkerchief hem, hemming it would be a doodle. Also because quirky hems are a lot of fun. I know this style suits me so it wasn’t a big risk which is what you need for a quick sew. The Claire Dress was similar.

The styling

The colour and print remind me of ice cubes and I thought I’d keep it icy cold and minimal—> Click the photo gallery—————————————>






White shoes (hint of o cowgirl look) and silver jacket both ASOS but shoes are from last year.

Here is the jacket  I bought it 2 weeks ago.

The obi belt is dark denim with silver ties that I did as my first sew, 4 years ago, with my first machine. It is also a good quick sew project. It feels good to mix and match early handmade with recent ones and shop bought items.

I am so glad I could fit this quick sew before the end of the summer. Fabric didn’t become stash, I know I made what is the perfect shape for me, no fitting or style dilemma  and I already look forward to kick off summer 2019 with this one. I “documented” this in Walthamstow London, on October 13, 2018. The sky was sooo blue, the light so bright, unlike today…. Thank you Indian Summer! I got a serious buzz out of this project. Where do you stand on quick sew vs slow sew? Which do you enjoy most?


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