Stylish in scrap fabrics

Art inspired

Bonjour, Its always difficult for me to blow my own trumpet and trust my own hype but this time I will, fanfare and all! I am super proud of this super stylish and clever look. I am a huge pop art fan Lichtenstein, Andy Wahrol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, David Hockney and have seen all their retrospective  over the years. I also love abstract art Mondrian, Wassily Kandinsky I think my love for this art form comes from my fascination with symmetry and asymmetry, colours, blocks and It was always my dream to create a garment inspired by those artists and iconic images. I didn’t want to just buy a fabric print of pop or abstract art, I wanted to make my own artistic interpretation of their amazing work.

The inspiration came at John Lewis 4th floor in the haberdashery department… Read on…

The how

I love John Lewis Cotton collection. Retails at £7 a meter.  Plenty of vibrant shades I spend hours matching in my head. I had bought various shades over the years. I don’t aim to give you a tutorial for the skirt as I know you know how to. It’s a simple technique of patchwork but I want  to inspire you to give it a go, with your scraps and come up with your own version.

  • I had a fair amount of scraps of red, yellow and orange. The primary red is of the same shade as Mondrian, the yellow is paler and I didn’t want to make a carbon copy of the original, hence the orange.
  • There is one rectangle of real leather. Something I had in my stash a long time ago. There was no other place to have it but at the front. Although bum would have been fun 😉
  • Each piece have been cut and assembled by pure instinct and as I went along. I used a pattern as rough guide and to avoid too much mathematics. Simplicity #1321 View B. It has two front seams and 2 back seams which was half the job for my panels
  • The lines are made with black biais binding, also scrap.

The arty look

<—– Click the gallery for all the photos

A word on the shirt:

it’s a charity shop find, I bought for £5 at St Christopher’s hopsice shop, in my local area. It’s a man’s shirt, XL size and already a favorite in my wardrobe. So… moral of the story, I am stylish in rags or in scraps. I call that a fashion success ahah. I shot this at the Barbican, because you know, Art deserves Art. The Barbican is difficult to understand for some but I always loved it. The concrete works for me. It’s moody and atmospheric. The Barbican as an art centre has got such an atmosphere, has great acoustic for performances.  I am a member, that’s how much I love it.  It’s actually an architectural masterpiece of its time. The Towers were the tallest residential towers in Europe between 1973-1976.

Further reading: Along the same line of the skill used for this skirt, I wanted to share with you an article published on August 11, 2018 in Selvedge magasine: The feestrok, or ‘celebration skirt’? It’s a “patchwork skirt that was specially made to celebrate the liberation of the Netherlands from German occupation at the end of World War Two”. More clothes art: Vans  inspired by Van Gogh Have you ever made any clothes inspired art? I’d love to see your make!



  1. Clare

    I love your colour block skirt! What an interesting and beautiful use of colour. The smaller bits of orange absolutely makes the look work (in my humble opinion!). Thank you for sharing your design and how you made it all come together. Oh, and I agree re: The Barbican!

    • GhislaineGazon

      Thank you Clare. Been asked to write a tutorial for it but I feel that it is a garment to make on instinct. Different colours would dictate different positioning and ratio. The orange as you said is really making it. Would colour combination would you choose if you were to make it?


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