Keeping cool in long sleeves

Summer 2018


2018, a summer to remember! How do you keep cool in the heat, what summer dress do you rock?

My summer wardrobe can be resumed in one garment this year: long sleeves tulip print shirt.!

Yes I hate winter for the layers but hear me out on long sleeves in the summer.

I don’t have much problem showing a bit of skin and it depends how much. I never do both bottom and top, I’d feel naked, literally. I don’t mind showing a bit of legs but arms and shoulders are a problem for me and I am VERY particular about the depth of any armholes on a sleeveless garment. It’s always too low (except the Sorbetto top!)

With that in mind I am now an expert on sleeves and long sleeves in all weather, made in breathable fabrics, of course.


The fabric


For long sleeves summer you’re looking for a fabric that:

  • is breathable
  • doesn’t stick to the skin
  • is flowy to catch every breeze

Stay clear of polyester.

Linen is perfect and I discovered cotton silk.

There is a debate about light and dark shades in the sun. Does black attract heat? The thinner the fabric the more heat will be transferred to your skin. So if you want to wear black choose a thicker fabric so that the heat can stay on the surface of the fabric. Personally I think lighter shades (White, soft grey, beige, pale yellow) are serving the cool vibe of the long sleeves.

Like with all my garments, I didn’t set out to find a fabric to make the shirt. I found the fabric and it dictated the shirt. I bought the tulip print in Ho Chi Minh City, in Tan Dinh market. The print is gorgeous, the colours spot on for the summer.

Cotton silk is a blend of both fibers which combine all the positives of each single textile. It’s a lightweight weave and has a beautiful drape.



                                     Click the photo gallery —>

My shirt is keeping me feeling and looking cool.

In this weather, minimal skin contact is the objective. Size up your shirt and you’re on to a winner.

I wear it with denim shorts at weekend and dark jeans for dress down Friday at work and casual outings. I can see it working with a white skirt too for more formal evenings.

Pattern is Simplicity Project Runway 8340. A super easy make, good sewing cleanser, great to solve an itch to stitch.

Straw bag is a make from my uncle JL and is my favorite for the summer. It’s not new. He made it 3 years ago. I see that this style is now everywhere. Trend setter?

Flat shoes to keep it relaxed and cool. Converse and silver pump for me. They’re form Office but from a while back.

Nail varnish: from good old HEMA #19

Final advantage of this fabric: Super easy care: Durable enough to be machine washed, I hang it dry and it needs minimal, to no, ironing. Bonus!! A finer weave would probably require dry cleaning.

Photos are captured in Warwick Avenue station, London by Erlandas M.

What are you wearing this summer?



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