"We are all artists"

Interview of BBC Arts Editor W. Gompertz


Facebook reminded me today of an article I shared 3 years ago.

The article is an interview of Will Gompertz, BBC Arts Editor by Katie Law, Deputy Literary Editor at The Evening Standard

Will Gompertz talks about creativity, the power of imagination, education, and creative beliefs. I loved it then, and before I properly kicked off my creative journey, I still love it today and it has sparked up a buzz in my brain this morning.

Thought I’d share it for Tuesday Inspiration, whatever your field of creation.

Will Gompertz

“We are all artists. We just have to believe it. That’s what artists do”

Some of the quotes I love

“Think Like an Artist and Lead a More Creative, Productive Life”

“Artists Don’t Fail”

“All Schools Should be Art Schools”

Thank you Facebook for the reminder. You do good things sometimes!


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