2 little birds blouse

Colour contrasting



Have you ever found the perfect fabric, only to get caught between two beautiful shades? Difficult hey! I have been there with the fabric featured here and would you believe that I, initially,  forced myself to pick one.

Here is the story of the 2 little birds blouse…

You can have both

The fabric is from Fabrics Galore: “It is a 100% Polyester Peachskin – almost like a sueded finish on the cloth and super drapey”. 

I remember being at the counter, anxious about choosing between green and mustard. I went for green but once home I knew I could have done better. I could have had both!!!

I had decided to make a shirt (BURDA 256. Almost vintage, it’s the one my mum was using for our blouses 20 years ago). A perfect make to contrast the cuffs, collar and button placket.

I did cut my shirt and started assembling it before I could find the time to go back to the shop to buy the yellow, 2 weeks later. High anxiety moment. What if they had ran out of mustard!!??!?!  Oh the fear! Lucky enough, they had loads left, pheew! and I needed only 50cms. That’s a bonus when you choose to do a contrast. Usually you need a bit less of the main fabric and a small quantity of the contrast fabric. There is not extra cost at buying both really.





Here is my take on what I call colour contrasting.

With this I have developed a style colour palette for further inspiration.

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There is a whole world of multiple shades of the same print out there. Dots and stripes cotton are widely available, usually in the famous twosome monochrome, but there are loads more other prints.

Here my pick of twotone fabrics for a vibrant and unique style.

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Fabrics Galore told me they sold about “300m of each colour”. If you have bought any I’d love to know what you have made. Do share. And what do you think of this design feature?


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