Vietnam: Memories & an ethical fabric conundrum


I recently spent 9 days in Vietnam, a travel opportunity I did not see coming but fully embraced. 7 days in Ho Chi Minh City, the old Saigon and 2 days in Can Tho, south of Vietnam. First thought was checking, as usual, the fabric markets, shops, the fashion along with the food. Two of my favorite things 🙂

But Vietnam is much more than this. First impression  is one of chaos. It took a couple of days to adjust before I could fully  appreciate the curiosities and surprises at every corner, explosion of colors, patterns, shapes, textures. All the senses are stimulated.

Colours, in everything, had the biggest impact on me. Vietnamese fashion is not afraid of colours. Having research cultural fashion of my destination, it appears that, like in Martinique, my home island, black and white are the colours of mourning and it is taken very seriously as a mark of sadness.

It explains how I felt a connection with Vietnam! I will admit to struggle in the UK. The sky is grey and we dress in black, navy blue, grey and brown. There are very sad colours for me. Three weeks back from my trip and I have colour deficiency.  I hang on to every dash of colours I can find in London, down to the trims I spot on someone garment in the tube.

I have come back super motivated and inspired!

I leave you with my travel photos, fabric and sewing related or not.


Hope you enjoy them. Have you ever been to Vietnam?

My final thought on fabric shopping and for the ethical conundrum question of this post…..

*A concept I spotted was large fabric remnants, by the weight: 410,000 Vietnamese Dong equivalent of £6 for 1 kg of mix of fabrics.

It is a lot! I struggle with that concept. For us is it not over consumption and an enormous, rapid stash accumulation? For the locals isn’t it a sale, an income?  Every penny counts for them.

What to do? Buy anyway and offset by giving the fabrics as gifts? Ignore it?

I didn’t buy any. I couldn’t quite justify buying so much. What would you have done?  Do share your views and ideas.

*Giảm giá: Discount


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