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I thought it was the perfect time to spark up one another and push our creative boundaries and create the Christmas party dress or Christmas table we didn’t know was in us.

I went through a creative phase for my fashion show last month and I thought I’d share my process.

Experiment & make things up

This takes me back to my childhood. I’d take any piece of paper, glue, crayon, I would fold, cut, shred and proudly present a creation that had “no” sense. I was so proud!!!

Take time to experiment and play with new ideas. Don’t worry whether things look right or wrong. Go with the flow.

Sketch or doodle random shapes, even if you “can’t draw”.

I let my curiosity take over and flip, reverse something that I know or have seen before and go from there.

Seek inspiration 

I attend a lot of exhibitions of all art forms. I recently went to see Jean-Michel Basquiat at the Barbican. A  brave artist of downtown New York in the 80’s, whose story is inspirational. He left me buzzing with ideas.

I also look up to any artists, no matter their fields, for colour, texture, and vibe.

Building architecture, churches in particular, are very inspiring for dramatic garment structures and shapes.

As home sewers we might think we’re not at the level of a fashion designer but there are things we can definitely apply to our “me made” garments. I love this video of Mark Jacobs Masterclass. When I was preparing my fashion show I definitely did apply some of the biggest catwalks features to my level. It got me a lot of praise for my professionalism. It wasn’t expected that I would cover so many little details with my limited budget.

Create for your loved ones

Things our loved one would appreciate are not necessarily what we love and to think outside the box for them is great motivation to dig deeper. It’s exciting and encouraging. That’s when we’re more likely to come up with quirky makes and possibly create things that can be developed into products to sell, eventually.

Time alone

I love time alone and I have no problem locking myself up and being antisocial, cozy up at home in a silk PJs, TV and music off, a glass of my favorite red wine, phone switched off. I don’t even open a book or touch the sewing machine. Some find that time when exercising, or meditating.

I attended a conference on the subject once and what I took away from it was that we’re at our creative best when in low level activity. When away from what our brain already know and the constant badgering of information, we are more likely to come up with something new.

On days when I am removed, I love playing with my fabric stash. I usually unearth forgotten treasures, have light bulb moments and finally invent a use for that scrap I have had for years. The sensory connection I made with the fabrics is different then.

I love this recent article in Stylist on time alone and creativity.

Dress it up

A more specific inspiring source for the dressmaker:

Your dress form. Before I cut my fabric I drape it around my dress form for a couple of days. Every time I walk pass it I touch it, move a pin, move a pleat, pin a trim. I love waking up to the sight of my dress form and very often it is when I have my revelations, first thing in the morning.

I love creating, thinking outside the box, turning things on it’s head.

  • I don’t hang on to what I know too well: The fabric, the pattern, the print, the colour
  • Avoid routine
  • Take time off
  • Write things down
  • and day dream too!

It is my lifestyle, an every day mode, not just for a specific project.

…and in desperate times I sit in a pub with a glass of red,  the right company and we draw on padded envelopes 🙂

Have I spark up your creativity?

Tell me of your magical Christmas projects and makes.

You will inspire me to get going with my own Christmas! I haven’t started anything yet!


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