Beautiful colours, tailored fashion design

By Dionne Fraser

Guest Blogger

For this blog post I am pleased to Welcome Dionne Fraser. Dionne is a die-hard fashionista and she made me the honour of modeling last year for my first fashion show. With a beautifu dark skin complexion I was inspired to go bold with my choice of colour. Dionnes tells us here of her experience fabric shopping with me, and on the catwalk. Who is that girl that loves and enjoys beautiful colours, tailored fashion design with harmonious accessories? That girl is me! So admittedly, I was very excited when my friend Ghislaine asked me to be a model during her October 2016 Fashion show!However this request was on the condition that I abide by three specific requirements:

  •  I had to wear a trouser jumpsuit
  • The colour theme was purple
  • The accessories had to be gold

This criteria was excellent for me as I loooovvvve all those things, so it was a perfect match in my eyes!

Fabric shopping

Ghislaine & I met up a few weeks before the fashion show for fabric shopping, at London’s Goldhawk Road in Shepherds Bush. Having had a good chat with Ghislaine, we both knew the type of colour purple the fabric had to be.  And we also had to get the colour just right.  We both wanted the colour to come across as good quality and luxurious. Getting the colour slightly wrong could give you a cheap looking outfit, as purple unfortunately can come across this way at times, if the purple isn’t quite right. We found a lovely deep purple crepe fabric which we purchased for Ghislaine to begin weaving together the lovely jumpsuit, with her very talented and creative sewing skills.

On the runway

Measurements had been taken, sewing had begun, trial fittings and adjustments made, so finally the day of the fashion show arrives!  Having never modelled before, I was naturally a little nervous but excited at the same time!  It was a little chaotic with all the other models in the dressing room with all of us changing, getting our hair and makeup done, but it was excited chaos.   I really loved the trouser jumpsuit that Ghislaine had made for me.  It was strapless but with sleeves for my arms and had tailored trousers.  I thought the whole outfit fitted my body well!  When wearing the purple jumpsuit I felt stylish, elegant and very womanly.  The deep purple against my skin along with the gold accessories felt very supportive on my body. I was the second model to walk down the catwalk.  It was nerve racking with all eyes on me as I walked, and I tried to walk at an even pace and not too quickly, although my shy side wanted me to do so!  However, I did it and I’m so glad I did!  The whole experience was a lot of fun.

Thank you

I’m very grateful to Ghislaine for asking me to be a model for her.  I will be commissioning her to make me another outfit soon!

By Dionne Fraser

This purple jumpsuit I made for Dionne is the perfect example of effective and impactful fabric chosen wisely. It was the right colour for her skin complexion and the crepe was the right type for the garment. I loved having the stylish Dionne on my catwalk and will be having again should the opportunity arise.   I am available for all your fabric and garment dilemma. Let me know how I can help.


Photos by SP-Photography Make-up by Empathy


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