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28 October 2017


Exciting times! I can finally announced my 2017 fashion show!

As part of a Black History Month event organised by Zil’oKA I will showcase 10 of my creations on 28th October 2017.

Titled “Créole Fashion Fabrics” the collection is inspired by fabrics that defined fashion throughout various points in time in Caribbean history.  It has been put together specially for the occasion.

Although referenced in history, each piece will have a current twist to make it wearable today.  The show will be woven with stories and reference points to make it 20 mins of entertainement.

This is now my 2nd show for Black History Month and I am gaining experience in this fascinating field. I do love this project and I do get carried away and every time more ambitious.

Read here about my 2016 show.

Ticket can be purchased here with Zil”oKA

Hope to see you there, 28 October 2017, at 18:00 for the fashion show segment.

Any questions please comment below. I”ll be in touch.

In partnership with:

Mr J-L Marie-Rose – Créole Occasion hats

More partners and sponsorships in negotiation


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