I refashioned a scarf

"In Martinique"

From sunny Martinique: Bonjour, Bel Bonjou!!

Yes I am on holiday! I haven’t been away for 2 years and I figured out that between The Great British Sewing Bee Live in September and my fashion show on October 28th was a good time.

GBSB Live was great fun and I cannot thank you all enough for your support: followers, Bees and TV viewers. The kind words, the feedback, inspiration, the tips and energy… I have bottled it all. It is precious.

While I am away I am preparing my next project: “Creole fabrics: A fashion show” and sewing my holiday wardrobe, literally on location – With mum by my side, on her “vintage” (it’s not old she says) sewing machine.

In the next 2 weeks I’ll take you on my Caribbean holiday. We’ll go fabric shopping, visit tropîcal gardens, meet talented friends and family crafters and sewers.

Zara scraf refashioned

First stop: the beach with my beach cover up made from a Zara scarf.

This scarf was offered to me by my work colleagues for my 45th in June. The print is lush greens and bright, bold, big flowers. It was huge and I initially thought they bought me a piece of fabric 🙂

For me a scarf was wasting the beauty of the print. It had to be fully shown. I tried to find the time to cut and sew it before I went away but I gave up and figure out that sewing it in tropical surrounding would be more inspiring anyway.

I landed on Wednesday 27th, I was cutting it the next morning, on the patio.

I won’t go into the technicality of it. It is free hand cut and the entire scarf was used, in the bias. If you want to know how I made it do get in touch. I am more than happy to give you my instructions.

Crafty earrings too

The result is great for day and night beach, cocktail hour and even strolling through town.

<— Click the photo gallery;

I had so many compliments when I went into town! Was it the colours? The cut? the cheeky short sides? Who knows!

I wore my dress with gold sandals and very unusual jewellery made out of breadfruit. It grows on a tree but  hasa potato texture and composition when cooked.

This is the work of Magalie. There are a lot of talented crafters in Martinique but sadly they are not online. They are too busy selling their craft to the tourists on the beach and to be fair the online world you and I know hasn’t quite reached them. Lucky them in some ways…


Photos were taken at Anse Figuier beach, south of the island. I spent many summers as a kid chasing crabs with my cousins on this beach.

To place Martinique, it is south of Dominica, north of St Lucia. Has rougly 400 000 inhabitans and is very French with Euros for currency and Macron president, wine and cheese yet very caribbean, with chilli and rum and zouk love music.

What’s your favorite scarf and how do you wear it?

Ever refashioned a scarf?


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