How well do you know your favourite Sewing TV show?


It’s time for your Great British Sewing Bee Fix!

From Thursday 21st and for the next 4 days Bees, sewing experts and you fans of the show will be having one big giant GBSB party have sewing party at the Excel centre, Docklands London.

But how well do you know your favorite show!? Take my GBSB quiz with your answers in the comment section.

Good luck! I’ll have a prize for the most correct answers.

What was Charlotte’s (Series 4) animal slippers?

A: Bunnies

B: Elephants

c: Ducklings

How many men made it to Series 2 of the show?

A:  1

B: 3

C: 0

How many episodes did Series 1 had?

A: 8

B: 5

C: 4

How’s alteration challenge is this?

A: Jamie (Series 4)

B: Paul (Series 3)

C: Matt (series 3)

What is the French Version of the Great British Sewing Bee?

A: Cousu Main

B: Les petites mains

C: Vive la couture!

Who has never presented the Celebrity version of the show? (Tricky?)

A: Jenny Eclair

B: Sara Cox

C: Claudia Winkleman

Leave your answers in the comment section below. Good luck!

The GBSB live is a great opportunity to catch up with the bees, learn new things, meet the sewing community. As the show won’t be on our screen this year (fingers crossed for the future) this is a great event to keep us connected.

I’ll be at the show on
Thursday 21st 11:00 – 12:00 on the super Theatre stage for an inteview with Patrick, Esme and Jenny. I am sure I’ll get asked about THAT babygrow!

Friday 22nd 11:00 – 12:00 on the super Theatre stage for an alteration challenge with a member of the public. Speedy sewing and clock ticking…

I’ll be out and about on Saturday and Sunday with guests.
Come and say hi if you spot me. I have a completely different look….

A bientot!


  1. Ree

    1) Bunnies
    2) 3
    3) 4
    4) Paul
    5) Cousu Main
    6) Claudia Winkleman

    • GhislaineGazon

      Thank you for your entry Ree! You clearly love the show. I’ll be in touch for your prize


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