Music and Sewing


What keep you going when sewing?

For me it’s ginger and lime tea, “The Big Bang Theory” on a loop and music, sometimes at the same time!

The GBSB live has created a sewing playlist and here is my contribution.

Spotify playlist

It reflects my roots and my cultural influences: A French Caribbean girl with 80’s music taste and living in the UK.

There is French pop, world music (salsa, bossa nova, Zouk), American divas and English pop

It’s a big piece of me. The one that keeps me cutting, sewing, going, crying, smiling, thinking, dancing, singing 🙂


Enjoy. Hopefully it will keep you sewing too.

Let me know what’s your favourite.

Share your playlist with me in the comment section below. I always love to learn about new artists.

A bientot!



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