Meet Missy

The overlocker

Bel Bonjou!!

1st August 2017

3 years after my sewing debut, 2 sewing machines later and I welcome into my world Missy the overlocker.

How did I come to call her Missy, how come she is a “she”….

I have made a flow chart to explain my thoughts in the naming process. I promise you, I have a life 🙂

It all started on the Great British Sewing Bee…

Click here —-> Missy-the-overlocker.pdf

There you have it. My overlocker is named after Missy, the Master, in Series 8 (I had to google that last bit of information)

Thanks to my colleagues for helping me naming my latest arrival.

She has now met the rest of the family, her brothers and sisters.

I am looking forward to having many happy makes with her.

Until next time…. Happy sewing!



  1. Josy

    Hello Gee !

    I love the naming process !!

    Welcome Missy !!! I’m happy that you are at Gee’s home.
    I’m sure that both of you will do beautiful things due to the talent of my loving Sista !!

    Kiss U all !!

    • GhislaineGazon

      Merci Sis! I had fun naming my overlocker and it’s great to have my colleagues involved in what I am doing. They are very supportive.


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