Perfect fabric imperfection

Bel Bonjou!!

I always find beauty in things that are odd and imperfect – They are much more interesting. Marc Jacobs

Have you ever bought, on purpose, something with an imperfection because you liked it as it was and thought it was perfect in its state?

This tropical top has a fabric imperfection…

Perfect imperfection

I bought this fabric in Walthamstow market in the summer of 2016. As the sale assistant prepared my order she noticed an imperfection. Click the gallery —->

It looks like an overlocked seam.

She profusely apologised and proceeded to cut and remove the imperfection.

I Initially wasn’t overwhelmed by the very light weight of this cotton. I only loved the print and the shade of green (Colour of the year 2017) but the imperfection sealed the deal. I wanted it in its state, to make a feature of the imperfection and make it a style choice. She raised an eyebrow, questioned whether I was mad or if I had understood her,  hesitated. I had to crazily nod to encourage her to carry on with my 1m50 cut. I told her of my plan….she still wasn’t 100% convinced. I paid full price for it – the fault was not the shop’s wrong doing, why should they be penalised?

It took me a year to decide how I would use it. As a light weigh fabric it has no hold for a structured make and the print is too busy to make it into an elaborate garment. It has to be kept simple.

I finally decided to use the locked seam across the back and the front of a wrap top. I know, and now you know the secret but anyone else would just think it’s just a normal design feature. It is a true empowering design freedom.

Captured in Camden Town by Erlandas Mickus

Pattern is Vintage MCalls 6500

Jeans from Dorothy Perkins

Silver shoes from TK Maxx and Debenhams


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