The Claire dress

Bonjour and Bel Bonjou!!

It dawned on me this week. I have never told you anything about my “Bel Bonjou” greeting, have I? It’s a nod to who I am: French Creole, from Martinique.

“Bel” = Nice, pleasant, beautiful. The rest is self explanatory:  Bonjour 🙂

French creole lesson over! 🙂 Let’s talk fashion!

Meet “Claire”, my latest creation.

I don’t normally name my makes but there is a very good reason behind this name.

I wore this dress at an event in Canary Wharf on June 7th. Throughout the event I had a few smiles and compliments for my outfit until a couple approached me:  the lady was smitten with my dress. My “secret” naturally came out during our fashion conversation: I hadn’t bought it, I made it.

As we parted ways a few minutes later, her husband sneakily commissioned me to make the dress for his wife, without her knowledge #husbandgoal

As I sealed the deal with him a few days later, I thought it was only appropriate to name the garment after the lucky lady herself: Claire.

Claire is right: 2 elements make the dress what it is: the shape and the fabric.

Shapely does it

The shape of this dress couldn’t be simpler!

The bottom part is a handkerchief skirt. The top part is T shaped and the 2 are joined with an elastic band. Only the skirt is lined, in non-static lining. I love how it swishes as I walk.

Because the skirt is cut in the full bias I have plenty of Marilyn Monroe moments. It’s fun, not embarrassing. The lining does help me control my modesty to a certain extend, because of its round hemmed shape, not handkerchief.

The drape of the fabric and the shape of the dress both work together to bring out the best of the look.

Gingham re-invented

The fabric is a rayon type, very comfortable and light.

Doesn’t it remind you of gingham? It’s a classic, made contemporary with uneven squares and rectangles in red and white. I am totally in love with it.

Gingham is in at the moment but what’s even better in my opinion is being on trend while being individual and quirky. Exactly what the print does here.

I made a statement dress in a statement print. Couldn’t be happier with my choices.

How not to adore this look?

<—- Click the photo gallery for more snaps of Claire.

It can cover a number of summer occasions, effortlessly.

  • A garden party
  • A Regatta, polo event
  • Meeting the parents
  •  A wedding
  • Tea with the Queen if you’re lucky (add a fascinator may be?)
  • Royal Ascot even!

And I will add any event where there is likely to be a bit of wind, greenery and a blue sky. It just makes it stand out even more.

I can only think of 2 style tips for this dress:

  • A shoe with a heel is advisable or you’ll appear shorter than you are. The trick is to not let the longer part of the hem hit your ankles.
  • Don’t hesitate to colour clash with your accessories but keep them simple in shape

Let the print and the shape do the talking.

I am looking forward to see how the lucky Claire will work it! I will update you, of course.

Do let me know. How would you wear it?

Happy stylish Summer!

British summer dress


Photos:  Erlandas Mickus – Location: Embankment Gardens and Embankment


  1. Muriel

    Oooh I love this story 😉 To me the pattern of the fabric is crucial to making it work. Well done Ghislaine!
    By the way, great photos!

    • GhislaineGazon

      Thanks Muriel! It’s all about the fabric with me! The photographer was a life saver I must say: I was stuck! He did a great job!


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