Bold print and Birthday Love


Bonjour, Bel Bonjou!!

It’s my Birthday!!!

So blessed to have the colleagues I have: Betty, Emily, Clare, Martin and the other 148 across London and Manchester. Much love! They have spoiled me with this beautiful tropical print.

It’s a huge scarf, from Zara I believe. So big that I can easily cut and make a pair of short and a small top. Summer here I come!!

A bold tropical print: feel good and summery, it has a holiday feeling. The lush green gives it a wide range of colour pairing possibilities. It's simply lush!!

It ticks so many boxes. They know me so well, I feel blessed and loved…

I love colours, I am tropical, I love bold prints. I love the lush greens and this is a perfect example of green pairings… Did you download my ebook on the subject?

You can do so here

A print for everyone

I promise you, there is a print for everyone, every age.

If you’re shy about being too bold choose navy stripes with any other colour combination. It’s also super easy for pattern matching if you’re a sewing novice.

The navy blue makes it a classic to match with anything else. It’s also super summer friendly: Petit Bateau and French riviera…so fresh.

Petite frame shouldn’t go too big. Keep it small or medium and show some skin:  don’t let the print eat you up.

Check out my Pinterest board for inspiration.

I, am certainly in love with my lush green scarf.

What fashion, fabrics, sewing present do you cherish the most?


As I mentioned at the start of this post, I have colleagues in Manchester. I am in Manchester at least once of month…

My heart goes out to my dear colleagues. 2 of them were on First aid duties on the night, May 22nd. They’re heroes.


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