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Something for the imagination: Create luxury out of a plain fabric.

Cotton is probably not the fabric you go to for luxurious elegance but I had a moment of genius by picking this blue cotton for a cocktail dress.

I made this dress a year ago for the party I hosted for friends and family for the broadcast of the 1st episode of the Great British Sewing Bee on May 16th 2016. It’s my official #MeMayMade 🙂

Here is its story…

Blue cotton

I bought this fabric in John Lewis Oxford Circus, 4th Floor.

I must admit that their haberdashery and fabric department is not the most inspiring but it’s for me very practical for a quick fix or a last minute supply on my way back from work.

Their staple cotton offering is impressive! They have every colours and every shades under the rainbow.


Why blue: I took reference from the sport lux fashion and that particular blue reminded me of a sport kit. I figured out that with contrasting white pipping and top stitching it would be the complete nod.

Of course, I had no intention of making a tracking suit! The idea was clear: It would be an elegant dress with a sporty look. Could it be done?

The dress

For this particular fashion concept, the sweetheart neckline was ideal to soften the choice of fabric. The bodice is lined in the same fabric and boned.

For the skirt I decided on the slit as I went along, with shoes on.  Hopefully I haven’t taken a short cut on my elegance stand with how high the slit is. I think I get away with it.

The other elements worth mentioning are white pipping and top stitching taken from the Adidas look. They pop against the blue.

Pull thread embroidery

My first textile and needlework age 9 was pulled thread embroidery and I wanted a bit of that in my dress, as a touch of delicate craft in the humble cotton.  Looking at sportswear, there is often a feature for perspiration and breathability and that was keeping me on track with my look.

I am a bit out of practice with that but I still found it very therapeutic to pull threads. It’s a guilt free quiet moment for me and possibly fall into the mindfulness activity category. It took hours to pull those two rows of thread and probably double for the embroidery itself.  I dare to count how many hours it took.

If i ever doubt of my abilities, this work reminds me one thing: I do have a broad range of skills and I have a lot of patience!!!

Check out those YouTube videos for a tutorial on pull thread embroidery —>

Challenge completed in my opinion! I have discreetly brought a sporty and elegant feel to the humble cotton.

This blog post celebrates a year of my Great British Sewing Bee adventure. It is what I wore on May 16th 2016 for the broadcast of the first episode. This dress is therefore precious to me and is part of the memorabilia I am collecting on the adventure.


Thank you for following me since the Sewing Bee and thank you for reading! Don’t forget to let me know your thoughts.

A bientôt!

Styling: The Modern Muses

Photography:  SP-Photographer


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