18 months to finish

Jumpsuit Vogue 9075

Bonjour, Bel Bonjou!!

What is your longest ever project? Mine is definitely an embroided bed throw I started when I was 20….I am now 40+. It is one of those long life project I will finish in my old age I guess.

In comparison, however, 18 months to finish the simple Vogue 9075  is very questionable!!!!

Why so long?

I initially loved the fabric I picked for it but a few seams in and I had gone off it.

The fabric is a cotton sateen bought in Fabric World, 49C Goldhawk Road. The shine is just right, there is a slight stretch to it which makes it super comfy. Bonus: as the print is quite large there was no need to pattern match!

I decided on some major pattern hacks by inserting sheer panels in the bodice and the sleeves and combining Vogue 2979 for a different collar. V2979 is a wedding dress!!

I initially loved the idea but did think, half way through it, that I was over doing it. I thought my ideas were too over the top. The quirky fabric was too much for all of this.

I left it on the side and didn’t touch it for 18 months.

And then something happened on February 28: I dyed my hair purple.

With a cool hair-do should come a cool, unusual wardrobe and thank God I can sew and quickly adapt my style. What a fashion advantage! However, being  on a fabric shopping diet meant that I wasn’t allowed to buy new fabrics and had to make do with what I had.

Out came my culotte jumpsuit. Hint of dark blue, purple, quirky. Bingo! I resurrected it, with confidence this time. With hair like this I could make it work!


The amount of fabric for the culotte part is maybe heavy and annoying to manipulate but this make has nothing technical to trip you up. I made the construction more complicated with my paneling! What was I thinking?

The pattern had a 2 sleeves version.

I do not like my arms exposed and preferred the version with sleeves. However they looked a bit plain and uninspiring. I rummaged through my stash and found 0.50cm of sheer fabric. I figured out that adding a sheer band at the sleeves would  create something more interesting. That’s how the paneling idea came about. Once you start with this sort of details you feel like you have to reference it somewhere else. I had just enough fabric to tackled the bodice.

The bodice was subject to more alteration with the collar. I had to redraft it to combine Vogue 2979 and the high neck. I transferred both front bodice pattern pieces onto pattern paper, align them at the shoulder seam and ignore the neckline of the original.

In all honesty, when I started this make, I didn’t have the skills I have today and the errors I found in what I did 18 months earlier were not pretty.

  • Seams unaligned
  • Wonky panels
  • Inside pockets completely gaping

Do I need to go on? Oh yes awful first trial at an invisible zip!

It took a lot of unpicking but fixing the errors was relatively easy (and I hate fixing wonky makes, I usually give up on them). The experience acquired in the elapsed time was helpful. I finished it in no time!

One thing I didn’t do was check the crotch was not too low. It was! I tried to hide it with a higher waist line but I think it shows on the fitting sadly 🙁

All finished!

So here it is: My Vogue 9075.

Moral of the story: quirky prints, quirky fashion is for everyone. You just have to trust your instincts and try something different.

I feel really cool, edgy and sophisticated. If I’d ever cross path with a woman dressed like this I really would find her captivating.

And pattern hacking is really fun to and give you full control of your look. Try it!


  1. Liz

    You look fantastic and so stylish. I’m glad you finished this great outfit.

    • GhislaineGazon

      Thanks Liz for the compliment and encouragement. I have a few other unusual makes in mind. Stay tuned!

  2. Gloria

    Ghislaine I’m really so happy and proud of you for growing in your passion 🙂
    Lovely dress!

  3. Tenisha

    You look so beautiful and the jumpsuit is so well made

    • GhislaineGazon

      Thank you Tenisha! Always nice to have a compliment from a fashionista!

  4. Mamy

    Hello, l’élève a dépassé le maître et cela ma plait, j’attends les nouvelles créations Bisous

    • GhislaineGazon

      Oh Merci, Merci!!! Bisous!

  5. Krystyne

    V9075 looks beautiful on you! You did a lovely job. I am in the middle of making it and I’m stuck on number 35 on the pattern. Can you please help? Do I stitch pant piece #9 front together with pant piece #10 back piece together or back piece #10 and front piece #10 go stitch together? Probably too late but I am so confused! Please help anyone and thank you in advance.

    • GhislaineGazon

      Hi Krystyne,
      Ever so sorry for the slow response. How did you get on with your V9075? Stage 35 is confusing. My copy even has a printing error with repeating words
      You need to stitch piece #10 together on the shorter edge (inner leg), same for piece #9 then sew your crotch.
      I’d love to see your finished garment!

  6. Stephanie

    Hi Gee! I love the last outfit OMG it’s gorgeous!

    • GhislaineGazon

      Aww Thanks Stephanie! Really appreciate your feedback.


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