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Interview with France-Antilles Martinique

France-Antilles is the local newspaper in my home island Martinique and they recently did a piece of my Sewing Bee experience and my 1st fashion show “Textile And Senses”.

My souvenirs of France-Antilles is my dad religiously going out  every morning to buy it from his friend’s in Rivière-Pilote where we live. That’s what he did when this article came out on February 8th, 2017.

Rivière-Pilote is a small village, south of Martinique. The south of Martinique tend to be drier and has with little geographical relief.

It’s where my dad was born and where my parents live but as a child and young adult I lived in a much bigger town called La Trinité, north of the island. La Trinité is a peninsula on the coast. I went to secondary school and college there. We did PE on the beach which was just 4 mins walk from college. The town has also the last working sugar cane factory of the island, Le Galion.

France Antilles is the “official” newspaper on the island and this is the piece Rosalie Monrose Marie-Louise did on me and the fashion show

RIVIERE-PILOTE. District of Petit Coton. Sara and Edouard Gazon are happy parents proud of their brilliant daughter Ghislaine and her life path. 44 years old, Ghislaine Gazon is a Martinican who’s been living in England for more than 17 years. Passionate about sewing since her childhood, she is now a PA working in the education industry. A few months ago, she was one the contestants of “The Great British Sewing Bee” (English version of the French “Cousu Main”), a BBC Two reality program in which amateur sewers compete to be named “Britain’s best home sewer” by creating challenging garments within a limited time and subject to the judgement of professionals from the fashion and sewing world.

“It was a wonderful experience! At the beginning we were 3,000+ candidates, only 10 were selected to be part of the show. As the outcome of the competition, I was ranked ninth. I am pleased with this result.

A few days after, I was called to make a dress and style a local jazz singer, Lauren Dalrymple. It was an honor and a nice reward! Sewing  is in my genes! I have always seen my mother sewing, she has gifted hands: embroidery, sewing, knitting, nothing is a secret. She used to sewed our clothes and when I was a kid I observed and learned from her, as well as from my uncle Jean-Louis Marie-Rose, who used to make not only garments, but also hats. We are all artistic in what we do” said Ghislaine.

She recently showed her talent once again during the presentation of her first fashion show at the Creole Day Festival in London, a media event created by men and women from the Caribbean diaspora which takes place annually as part of the Black History Month. The theme of this event was “success and achievement”.

Ghislaine’s limited collection displayed many violet-colored outfits, a color that symbolizes nobility, success and fortune. To the question what are your future projects and challenges, she replies that she is considering becoming an expert in fabric, a not very known job but which surely corresponds to the image of this sensitive and dynamic Martinican. “Fabric talks for us, has a personality, social identity and emotions. Some fabrics have a particular smell, some are noisy and others are completely silent.

“I want to share this knowledge and help creators find the ideal fabric for their creations and their customers!”

Thank you to Michele Santomassimo for the French to English translation

Photos: Roger Gally and @SPhilomin – Instagram 




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