" Shade of grey"

Challenge by Thread Head Fabrics

Bonjour, bel Bonjou’!

Meet Thread Head Fabrics (THF) and their gorgeous grey jersey knit…

Clare, the shop owner has set me a challenge: “Drab to Fab”, or “Grey to colourful”.

THF was kind to provide me with the base of the challenge: grey jersey knit.

Jersey is a term” applied to all types of knitted fabric. The first jerseys were made of wool but you can now find jersey made of cotton and synthetic fibers.  ‘Jersey’ is derived from the name of the Channel Island that lies between Britain and France, and refers to thick hand-knitted fisherman’s sweaters”.

I knew it would be a doddle to work with this jersey in particular. It’s super smooth, doesn’t roll, feels super cosy.

Pairing my grey

Grey is the most elegant and convenient neutral colour. It doesn’t catch white fluff like black does and will therefore stay pristine longer. Whatever your favourite colour you can safely wear it with a grey of any shades.

But making something dark as colourful is not as simple as pairing it with a bright colour. I didn’t want the lazy option.  I wanted colours to pop as subtly as possible but be visible. When I was working on this project it was autumn and orange, yellow, red leaves were falling every where, pumpkins were aplenty for Halloween and there was the promises of mulled wine. It inspired me to go for coral/orange.

Batwing top

I decided to make an off-the-shoulder top, with batwing sleeves and contrasting pipping. I made the top on my dress form, entirely. I folded a rectangle of fabric in  4, cut a hole in the middle (with my neck measurement divided by 4) and sewn the arms as it felt right.

I did this top without an overlocker. I don’t own one yet. I gladly accept any donations towards it by the way 🙂 Sewing knit on a normal sewing machine is possible. It’s a slower process than on an overlocker and may be less neat some would say. What’s really important is  keeping the elasticity of your knit by sewing with a slight zig-zag. A straight stitch do snap, eventually. I trimmed my seams as I went, before finishing the edges with a full zig-zag.

Pipping it

Making my own piping was easy. Customised piping is your one very personal touch you have absolutely 100% control of. You can choose, literally, any fabric you want for your pipping.

I am really pleased how the two type of fabrics came together beautifully, no issues at all. I am absolutely convinced the good quality of THF’s jersey helped! The pipping is polyester.

I have added piping everywhere I could.




Simplicity skirt 1282

I decided on a skirt to go with it, in this funky printed fabric.

Plenty of colour to pick up on the piping detail of the top.

I first thought of making a self drafted full circle but I found this super cute Simplicity skirt.  I did mine mini but longer would be even better . Because of the print of the fabric and the cut of the pattern I went multi directional: horizontal at the front, vertical on the sides as a nod to the vertical pipping down the front of my top.





The result is very autumnal in style, with cosiness points and warmly colourful.


I think I have done it! What do you think?? Have my grey jersey knit inspired you?

I love Thread Head Fabrics. They take good care of their customers, are super passionate and are super knowledgeable about their products

All additional fabrics from Goldhawk Road

Photos  3, 5, 6, 7 Erlandas Mickus


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