The fabric of my year

2016 - 2017

Bonjour, Bel Bonjou!

Just a few hours left of the amazing 2016 and today I am talking about my beloved diary and companion. You may wonder what it has to do with textiles but bear with me here, I  will come to it.

2016 was a busy year

It all kicked off as early as January. My dairy quickly filled up with deadlines, tasks to complete, in the mix of social obligations etc. Up to that point my diary was just that: social events and I was happy with my smartphone diary.
But very quickly things escalated and the phone was not effective enough.

I turned to the old fashion paper diary that I could slip into my handbag and rely on like a companion. At that point I wasn’t too hang up about the type of diary as long as i liked it enough

There was a couple of options but one in particular grabbed my attention and elevated me.

Silk brocade

And here is the textile punch line!!!!

It was love at first touch.

My silver silk brocade diary has been a very precious companion this year. Most importantly its vision and how it felt made me creative and connected to my passion for textiles, every day.

More than Brocade, this is Brocatelle, a heavy brocade velvet with a raised pattern, and usually used for upholstery

Brocades date from the Middle Ages and have been discovered in China and Japan, Greece and Italy

These were all made of silk and hand-woven on looms by master weavers. Due to the intricate design and the hours needed to create it, only the very wealthy could afford this fabric.  It is luxury.




It was the fabric of my 2016: Interwoven threads that tell a story


Now that the year is over, I have been looking for a new companion. Yes I am hooked on beautiful diaries now. It had to be textile or at least a textured diary. I have been thinking about it since October. I have seen a few options around and took my time.

 2017 will be leathery and raspberry

Funny enough, after having explored London and the internet, I found this beauty at exactly the same store as the brocade diary!

It’s soft embossed leather in a beautiful raspberry colour. So soft that my fingers sink in. The butterflies, flowers and swirls are very deep, in a darker contrasting colour.


It also smells lovely. Yes…I know….  I smell my diary. It smells of leather, not of raspberry 🙂

In my opinion some textiles do have a smell  and it is also important to consider. Denim doesn’t smell the same as leather……

Leather is tear and puncture resistant, has good insulation: warm in winter, cool in summer. In fashion it has a certain allure and attitude and its high cost and craftsmanship involved in the processing makes it luxury.


 The diary mission of 2017 is not over yet however. I do love it but I am very curious to know more about it and how ethical it is. I have put an enquiry with the retailer…It will be interesting to know and I am prepared to discard it if I am not happy.
Stay tuned for the result.
But as we patiently await….

Happy New Year, Bonne année!!

May be it full of life, bright, “texturely” adventurous.


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