London International Choir: Voices behind the mask


Summer of 2015 – “Voices behind the mask”

For this concert I created a sea of ribbons for our actress Natalia to represent the Maypole dance. I carefully arranged a choice of colours around a collar I made with white denim and Velcro which she had around her neck. As she twirled the ribbons twirled with her. A true representation of summer colours and the Maypole dance.

For her elaborate mask I used a gold mask with fringes to which I added seashells I collected in Singapore, shop bought feathers,  and real ones found in Crystal Palace park, roses I made myself and leaves given to me by a choir member. It could almost tell a story by itself. I used 3D paint around her nose and cheeks.



Photos by  Mark Jenkins (except photo 3 (Contains nude photographies)

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