My interview with Outremers Be You

Part 2

Bonjour, Bel Bonjou’!

We’re picking up where Outremers Be You left off on Sunday 31st July. Reminder of Part 1


Be You: What is your definition of fashion?

I don’t have a definition for fashion. We all have our own style. Fashion is an expression of ourselves. I love people who think outside the box and who are able to adapt a style to their body.

Be You: What is your ideal look?

Some years ago I would have said an elegant dress and heels, Today I’d say a culotte skirt with a blouse which is both elegant and practical, all accompanied by flat shoes, silver or with prints. I am a silver addict!

Be You: Which personalities embody fashion?

Charlène Wittstock! She has a masculine and feminine look at the same time which I find very elegant. She has got a beautiful neck which she knows how to showcase with blouses with wide collars. She wears her hair short, and I love that.

I also like Lupita Nyong’o, especially her hair and her makeup.

I am very open minded , I like to look beyond what the media offers us but I am not yet pushing it far enough

 Be You: Which fashion designer fascinates you?

I absolutely love Denis Davaed. He reworked the traditional Caribbean dress. The fabrics are very feminine and sexy. It’s very elegant. Forget about short outfits. It is not the length of a skirt that makes a woman.


Ghislaine is a determined woman. We are waiting to hear some more news from her about amazing adventures


By Outermers 


For reference: The traditional French Caribbean skirt “Jupe Grand-Mere”

Credit: Roger Gally - Martinique

Credit: Roger Gally – Martinique



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