And sew it comes to an end

Bonjour, Bel Bonjour,

I cannot believe it has come to an end! In a few hours The 2016 Great British Sewing Bee will have a winner.
As much as it is a final, it’s not the end, non bien-sur!. True, the sewing room won’t exist anymore, all the donut towers would have been destroyed. Will we ever see Charlotte’s bunny slippers again?? There would however still be the friends I have made and the things I have learned about myself and about sewing.

My technical English has improved. I have learn what is a “walking foot” and what is “bagging out”. Oui, I knew them in French but I could have acquired years of sewing experience without learning them in English.
My confidence is higher. It was a massive boost to be selected for such a show. The comments on my two episodes were lovely. Thank you for taking me in, as I am. I will not forget it all in a hurry.

Episode 2 was the hardest because of my high and low. My only regret, if I have one, is not using a pattern for my cape. My practice at home went a lot better. I didn’t realise that the stress would paralyse me to cut out a circle which I have done a 100 times before!

Andsewitcomestoanend 1-3

What’s next for me?

My fellow choir member Abby is pregnant with her first child and this is my opportunity for a babygrow and gusset revenge!! I will not be defeated!! It was a funny moment but seriously….Stage 12 of the pattern instruction was a low point from a linguistic point of view, I didn’t get it then, but I will master it now! Currently prying on a cool musical themed jersey for it. If you see anything, let me know.

I am still sewing for myself and friends and improving garment after garment. Have a sneak peek at my latest makes: elegant with a urban and sport lux feel.

Andsewitcomestoend 2-3 Andsewitcomestoanend 3-4

My love for colours and pattern fabrics is stronger than ever and I wanted to share that I have launched my Colour and Print consultancy. I have had my first clients (Adriana and Rebecca) in beautiful Liberty and buzzing Goldhawk Road for a cuppa to discuss projects and took them to my favorite shops. They made a few bargains and left satisfied with a more confident take on prints. Let me know how I can help.Contact me to discuss your needs here

Thank you Sewing Bee for all the loveliness, comfort blanket moments, the tears and the laughs, the friends I have made and the things learnt.



Cheers !!

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  1. Josy

    I’m very happy to read :”My confidence is higher”. It’s the best I wish you : be more confident and proud of what you are and can do.

    It was a pleasure to see you on TV.

    Perhaps on day, I will be confident enough to ask you some help with Prints anc Colours…

    Love you my Sista !


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