Inspired by London

Savile Row

photo: A street sign for Savile Row, London

I work across the street from Savile Row and two ways for me to have a sewing fix after work is either visit the 4th floor haberdashery section of John Lewis or walk in Savile Row. I love to take a sneak peek at their basement windows. This is where the magic happens: pattern pieces, tailor’s ham, tailor’s scissors, gorgeous tweeds and patient hand sewing. You get a glimpse of it all.
One day I will dare to knock and ask for tips. The shop windows must not be forgotten either. My favourite time of the year is around Christmas. The windows become all velvety and opulent, the colours rich and the tailoring more adventurous.

HibiscuInspiredbyLondon2_6s – Michelin star restaurant

In the Caribbean the hibiscus flower is bright, bold, light and flirty. In contrast, the Hibiscus restaurant in Mayfair is tamed, grey and almost austere. The only touch of the Hibiscus I know is in their calligraphy. I love a swirl in calligraphy. It’s flowy and light. The restaurant itself might look grey but their food presentation is beautiful and colourful, like, a hibiscus. When I think of a party dress specifically I think of swirls and delicate colours, like a hibiscus.


Bob Bob Ricard restaurant

It’s the art deco interior that gets me. Imagine the Great Gatsby gliding across the floor being all charming and elegant. Plus, Bob Bob Ricard has a champagne button at each table. That’s enough to make me biased.
I created a dress inspired by the colour scheme of their Blue Dining Room. It’s practically the same blue. The dress is strapless, has a tight slit, not too high enough to make you wonder… Gatsby would approve I am sure.

Where Old Bond Street meets New Bond Street

This flower stall sits quietly in the middle of Mayfair. What particularly interests me if the outer stall: it’s green with a border of yellow and pink flowers with a hint of gold. That’s all my favourite colours in one.

Brick Lane

An obvious one I guess. I like the street art in the area for the s colours the messages and controversy. I like mixing urban street wear with classic elegance or at least I wish I could. My own style varies from one to the other in a matter of days. I think my hairstyle and my silver brogues teamed up with dresses are the biggest exponent of that.


My friends, family and their lives

Christmas, birthdays, personal connection to a particular event in my loved ones’ life inspire me to create embroidered cards for all occasions.


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