Underwear stitching

and body confidence

Bel’ bonjou’!

So today I’ll talk about underwear and sewing. Not stitching underwear but more about sewing in your underwear…

A few tips and benefits for doing this:
  • Make sure the garment is for you, nobody else. Otherwise is a tad weird and unhygienic
  • Make sure you are wearing the right underwear for what you are making. If I am making a corset I’ll wear my best push up strapless bra because I need a push up, literally! If am making a tight fitted, or jersey dress I’ll wear my seam free undergarments. If you sew in random underwear it is pointless and will not give you the best result
  • Keep an easy-to-slip on garnment close by. You never know who will be knocking at the door
  • Sounds obvious but in winter make sure the heater is on
  • Have the right shoes close by. If you’re making a long evening dress this will save you time to decide on the length of your hem when you are trying for fit
  • If like me you live on your own which is why I can strip off shamelessly, fittings can be a nightmare as it’s difficult to reach certain places and to pin yourself to adjust. Try the garment inside out. It’s easier to correct and pin that way
  • Enjoy the fact that you are effectively dressing yourself

For me it makes sense to sew in these conditions. You can instantly check a fit, easily do it a million times over and adjust it to make it work. Fitting on me is much more accurate that on my mannequin

Give it a try! Feel free and sexy! It is good for your body confidence.


  1. Kaine Akponor

    Hello, nice article. I did this when I was making my bodice sloper to cover my dress form. I live with my hubby so shameless walkabouts in my undies are welcomed.Carry on sewing!

    • Ghislaine Gazon

      Thanks for your input Kaine. Aside from keeping the husband happy it is a very practical thing to do! I am still sewing, no gusset is stopping me!

  2. Gema

    I did this recently…but found out the hard way that sewing sequins in your ‘undies’ can be a bit painful… I think a loose t-shirt is the way forward for me in future! Haha!

    • Ghislaine Gazon

      OUch! Was it for your refashion runway? Yep loose tshirt sometimes for me too


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