I am a Sewing Bee!!

This is the first time ever that I can publicly say that “I am a contestant on series 4 of “The Great British Sewing Bee”!!

I initially completed the application form just to see how I fared against the questions, to see if I had enough material to complete it.

What prompted my curiosity was my now ex partner, Erlandas. He encouraged me from the moment we met that I had an artistic, sewing flare that needed to be exposed to others. He had no idea the show existed then, he had no idea I was applying.

It was fun to do. I sent my application 2 days before the deadline, with a “I might as well” attitude….Little did I know where this would take me.

It was a huge privilege to receive the first of many phone calls a week later. I foolishly assumed that they called everyone but from one stage to the next I realised that my application was taken seriously out of a few thousands. I was amazed and excited and on cloud nine.

From thousands and after months of secret auditions, tests, I got the nod, the acknowledgement. I was in!! I was one of the 10 Bees, one of the 10 best amateur sewers in the country. It took a couple of days and a bottle of Veuve Clicquot rosé for my brain to process this huge news, this huge achievement. They saw something in me, I don’t know what….but thank you Love Productions!!!

My mum, my family were beyond excited. For Mum it was a proud moment to see the skills she passed onto me being acknowledged in this way. It doesn’t happen every day and to everyone.

From that moment my life changed. A lot of sewing, design research, and media work.

Filming my backstory in my tiny flat was an experience. My sister made the journey from Paris to be interviewed, it became emotional: we cried, we laughed. The crew were amazing and did put me at ease…..

I had to then become even more secretive and only a handful of people were in the confidence. I think this did teach me the art of concentration. It did change may be my perception of trust but on a deeper level it taught me that inner happiness and inner control, without being selfish, is needed in order to surpasses yourself.

It taught me that happiness is within us. We carry it with us, we create it.

It doesn’t come from the outside.

I always knew it but “carrying this baby” was definitely a turning point in my confidence. The entire world doesn’t need to know as long as I know who I am and that I am achieving…

Aside from that, I couldn’t believe that my sewing talent was needed only a mere 2 and a half years after I started.

I embarked on a marathon sewing revision, research, fabric shopping and general haberdashery opulence and the wait for the main filming started…..

To be continued…


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