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Great British Sewing Bee 2016
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About me


I have never bought a black fabric!

I am from the French Caribbean island of Martinique and I have settled in London in 2000. The blue sky, the lush greens, the tropical flowers and the vibrant colours of my island have stayed with me and influence my textile choices and fashion sense.

From flowers to geometric and plain, I got colours and patterns… it’s in my blood.

Dressmaking, Art and Craft

My name is Ghislaine, a series 4 “Great British Sewing Bee” contestant. I have a passion for textiles with a meaning and for dressmaking. I grew up in a highly creative family. My mum, a keen amateur seamstress herself, dressed us all: sister, brother and dad.

Where and when it all started?

Embroidery was my first love as a kid and I have lost count on the number of table cloths, baby towels, Christmas and birthday cards I have made. I was never far from mum’s sewing room. I sewn her hems, buttons, cut her patterns, etc. It took me some time before I moved onto sewing for myself and now textiles. I bought my first sewing machine in 2014 and never looked back

Why this blog?
I couldn’t be prouder and happier to share my journey with you, and show you what I am made of, what  fashion means to me.  I can guarantee that if someone else has bought the same fabric as you, no one else has the same garment and that’s where individuality comes in.

Bespoke Fabric shopping experience

Fabric selection dilemmas, stuck in a style rut, you have a special project?

I can help!

Because I want to help you to the best of my abilities and give you the most up to date fabric knowledge I regularly attend courses at London College of Fashion and Psychology and Anthropology conferences.


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